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The Adventures of Frank Race
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Adventures of Frank Race

Adventures of Frank Race was a crime drama broadcast from 1949 to 1950. Tom Collins portrayed the attorney-turned-adventurer Frank Race. Paul Dubov took over the role after 22 broadcasts. Tony Barnett played Mark Donovan, Frank's assistant. The series was written and directed by Joel Murcott and Buckley Angel. The show was produced with an intriguing mix of crimes, adventures, and romance, as well as excellent sound effects.

The plots of The Adventures of Frank Race deal mainly with crime fighting. Frank and his assistant Donovan operate their business in New York, but they hop around the world working on assignments from international insurance companies.

Each show opens with the announcer Art Gilmore's description of the title hero, "Before the war, Frank Race worked as an attorney, but he traded his law books for the cloak-and-dagger of the OSS. When the war was over, his former life was over, too . . . adventure became his business!

Show Name Date Aired
The Gold Worshipper December 25, 1949
The Hackensack Victory May 1, 1949
The Istanbul Adventure May 15, 1949
The Seventeen Black May 22, 1949
The Enoch Arden Adventure May 29, 1949
The Vanishing President June 5, 1949
The Baradian Letters June 12, 1949
The Airborne Adventure June 19, 1949
The Shanghai Incident June 26, 1949
The Juvenile Passenger July 3, 1949
The Reckless Daughter July 10, 1949
The Silent Heart July 17, 1949
The Garrulous Bartender July 24, 1949
The Darling Debutant May 8, 1949

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